Does Everyone Have A Fetish?

Not all adult men and women court a fetish. Some people are perfectly happy enjoying a sex life that the kinky-minded would call vanilla, proceeding through their lives satiated, satisfied and bringing pleasure to a wide variety of the sex partners they have taken to their bed. It doesnÂ’t make one a rebel, more sexually adventurous or a real life walking-talking porn star if one coddles a kink or fine-tunes a fetish.

Conversely those who do have a desire to kiss a woman’s shoes or enjoy a good bun-roasting spanking every so often are not perverts. Perversions and other pejoratives used to describe non-traditional sex practices or any aberrant approach to life is subjective to whoever is judging the activity. One man’s poison is certainly another man’s medicine is a true axiom when it comes to what we need in our sex lives.

Truly the only time a fetish, kink, desire or fantasy be of any concern to anyone is if the specific sexual need is not shared by partners or if the fetishist sees his or her desire impinging on their life in such a way that it is straining work, family or friendshipsÂ…and even then maybe it is less a problem for the person who has the desire then the people who are reacting to it.

Since non traditional sexual activity cores a wide spectrum of bedroom antics, one might not even think what they like is considered by most of the world as a kink until they find other people who enjoy the same play and find all the specific terms, props, clothes and even websites devoted to their fantasy. Sometimes there is comfort in numbers, other time the fetishist no longer feels special when he or she sees his desire labeled and exposed in the light of day.

We can spend countless hours attempting to determine what exactly winds our sexual clocks, how and why our libido is colored as it is and where all these funny thoughts about 50’s girdles came into our heads, but really many more people consider kinks then would ever admit they do, even more have tried a sexual position beyond missionary and yet still others will only ever experience an enema if they have to go to the doctor for one.

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