More Than Friends

Since the beginning of time there have been friendships that have managed the transition from being merely friends to dating. Then from dating, sex comes in to the equation and the long-ago friends either become lovers, go back to being friends, or what’s worse, never get a foothold for either. How does one know when the relationship is ready to go to a new level (a porn based level perhaps)? More importantly, how does one know if that friendship should go to that next level? The incumbent minefield that can fissure open with friends becoming intimate when they already share a level of intimacy is often times so deep, scarred and treacherous no amount of means justifies the end.

Thought it is most likely the question of physical attraction that have brought the suffering Though it is most likely the question of physical attraction that has brought the suffering couple to this precipice, most friends who are considering taking this leap want, above all, to preserve their friendship in case the dating/sex doesn’t work out. Having already built a solid friendship, the couple must outline exactly what they are thinking by hooking-up and how they will find their way back to exactly what they have before they. If you mess it up with sex and other forms of dating errors, then they can be stuck with nothing.

For most people, chemistry is key and it’s clearly evident that good friends have great chemistry already. But this next new dangerous step is a lot more then getting to see a girl friend’s bare boobs bare or finally solving the mystery of how big your best guy’s cock is. Curiosity not only killed the cat it also made more than one couple of friends delve into something that had no reason for ever being.

The flip side of all this potential drama is that in the end the couple grows closer, manages fantastic sex and marries after a time, or if gay, lives together. Long-time monogamous couples really do grow best if they are good friends after all and if they start as good friends there is no end to how their intimacy can blossom if indeed they blossom past dating and sex. There are dangers in every relationship, the two friends who attempt to become more in theirs might just think the danger is worth it.

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