The Fun of Facials

He pumps his cock hard and fast after she has licked the last bit of precum from your lips. He’s ready, he’s jerking and moaning, then he explodes, shooting a heavy load of semen all over the woman, giving her a creamy facial that would get any viewer off. This isn’t just the world of free porn.

Average semen content breaks down to basically protein, sugars and a few different yet key amino acids that assist in helping the body. B12, zinc and vitamin C are all found in the average size (2 oz.) load. Letting a man give a facial is good for both partners. Studies show that a man in his early 20’s who ejaculates frequently (more than five times a week) use their prostate in ways that do not involve women or other men. The team studying masturbation in males speculated that when the prostate got a good workout, it prevented buildup of carcinogens, which can cause cancer. The more the duct is flushed out, the less chance carcinogens can stick around and do damage. Of course this is still speculation from 2003 but research continues to be conducted on the health effects of masturbation.

Recipients of creamy loads benefit from the skin absorbing those proteins and nutrients directly. The best method is to allow semen to dry overnight, thus allowing direct absorption of vitamin C into the body. Rinse it off in the morning. Combined with regular facials that keep zinc levels up, acne can decrease and skin conditions improve.

The taboo factor of this particular fetish contributes to its popularity. The fact that only dirty girls receive facials and dominating guys give them is a turn on for some. Since pornography is typically created for male enjoyment, fantasies run the gamut from simple schoolgirl/teacher role play to dirty nun/priest scenarios where the priest “blesses” the nun with a fantastically thick facial. Her reward for taking it? Heaven, of course.

The facial fetish even goes as far as to have a specific name for when a group of men give a woman multiple facials. Bukkake, of Japanese origin has its roots in humiliation of adulterating women but has become a top search for porno junkies everywhere.

It’s not limited to straight couples or heterosexual groups either. Plenty of gay men enjoy receiving facials, loving the feel of slick, silky semen on their faces.

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