Who Wears the Panties?

The look and feel of smooth, silky panties on a woman as they’re being peeled down her long thighs is an arousing sight, and it doesn’t have to exist exclusively in free porn. The fantasy is even better if she’s wearing garters, stockings and a bra that shows just enough breast to make mouths water.

But then the curious male begins to wonder what her clothes feel like. So the curious male tries on his partners panties, finds the feel of them arousing. In fact they make his cock so hard it aches. He begins to explore deeper into her lingerie and before he knows it he’s bought his own sets of panties and is starting to form a collection.

There is an art form to cross dressing, even for solo pleasure. The average man cannot fit into or wear with perfection, the little black dress but he can find something that fits and makes him feel sexy. Starting off with underwear and going outward, the sexual male recognizes the need for form fitting clothes. Women don’t buy lingerie that’s too small and tight, that’s uncomfortable no matter how sexy it looks! They buy clothes that fit.

So men should too. First off, buy panties that fit and cover up your package. A too small thong will feel awkward and only dirty because according to society standards, men shouldn’t wear women’s clothing. But a form fitting thong that covers up your cock nicely will work just fine. Satin and lace are perfect, they feel smooth and sexy against the skin. They don’t absorb precum very well but men aren’t generally worried about that if they’re masturbating.

Next up, stockings and garter belts. Garter belts are measured over the hip, not where men traditionally wear their pants. The size there will be a true fit of a man’s waist since they shouldn’t be letting pants hang off their asses anyway nor should they wear them like a geek. One will also have to account for height as well. Stockings can be purchases at sites like Fredericks of Hollywood along with various styles of thongs corsets and the like . Buy stockings to fit your height, weight. That generally means in extra-large size.

Lastly, tops. Since men aren’t (mostly) not endowed with breasts, a simple top such as a chemise or babydoll that’s flattering, in black and not overly flamboyant will work. In the end, a well-dressed slutty man should have fun exploring his new fetish.

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