When Is It Time For Sex?

Any heterosexual male or straight woman turned on enough and feeling a secure attachment to her date might agree that if you’re spending time with the right person then most times are a good time to turn the evening into free porn. But getting the right person is key or at least a person you are attracted to and then knowing when , in the first throes of dating, when the seduction should begin.

There are no fast and true rules to the dance of getting to know someone. Some men prefer the fast chase and some women will parry and thrust countering it until A self-prescribed amount of time passes for them to give in. Two guys might simply be Too hot for one another and just fall into bed the minute they get home from their first night out. In the pre AIDS error one-night stands were common at spring breaks on summer vacations or during any usual Saturday night disco dance. Depending on a person’s age, experience, confidence level and self-esteem and how they feel about all those factors considering their partner, will determine when, or if, sex even happens.

Getting to know a potential sex partner is what we kid ourselves that dating, on-line chatting even Internet social networking platform profiles are all about, but in the end when we begin and continue dating someone, email them on a regular basis or send them cute little texts what we are all truly wondering, but certainly do not articulate, is when we might see this person we are attracted to naked.

Motivated too often by what’s in our pants and less by what’s in our hearts, we have all made rash decisions because of the thrust and drive of our lusts. If we sense a simpatico partner, someone we have an instant repertoire with or at least someone who alludes to understanding our more kinky hints, the time for a full on physical approach becomes more urgent. And no amount of extra time getting to each other will assure either partner that the fucking and sucking, when it finally happens, will be all that good or if not so good, at least something either would want to pursue.

There is no right or wrong time, more often then not it’s the time at hand and what both people are willing to chance that brings the date in for the kill.

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