Bigger, Newer, Faster

Advertising works wonders for our hungry consumer minds, as we are lead lemming-like by on-line ads, billboards and I-phone app widgets. It’s not enough in this day and age for us to think we know what we need; it’s best somebody else knows and can tell us! This overt consumer prompting though doesn’t work so well with sex toy purchases (can you say free porn?), mainly because when a person or couple is on their way to the store to buy something to spice-up, aid or ad to their love life they pretty much are convinced to buy whatever it is that they think will aid, spice-up, ad to their love life. Toy manufactures know this of course so they set upon presenting, advertising and building a whole different relationship with their buyer.

They apply the bigger, faster, better rule.

Basically assuming their buyers already have a vibrator, already have used a pair of handcuffs, already know how to wield a whip, adult toy maker’s advertising campaigns revolve around selling their lusty singles or horny couples the newly improved model of what they already own, or a new toy that does whatever they liked to do with their old toy…just better. When rechargeable batteries finally were perfected in the adult toy industry, it was as much a boon to the industry as was when toys were unilaterally made of safer materials; these developments made what had come before wholly better. Whole new lines of male vibrators became popular as the stigma of male anal play lessened; societal mores changed and new twists on old products were advertised. The wonderful joy of heating-up and cooling down materials like Pyrex was seen as a way to really change the ways dildos were used and suddenly the manufacture of those types of dildos increased.

Adjustable speeds, stronger drives, better angled heads and heavier bases, all of these improvements already existing adult products. Almost all developments in the field of adult novelties are faster, newer and bigger then what has come before because the public buying this items do not need to be sold the idea of buying them, they need to be sold the desire to buy a different, bigger model that maybe be easier to clean or will help one masturbate like a jack-hammer or get-off like a dream!

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