How To Shave A Woman’s Beaver

Shaving your girls pubes can be an extremely hot experience. And as long as you’re Parkinson’s free, it’s the perfect way to spend some quality time together with your girls vague. Whether you would prefer your girls pussy to look like your favorite porn star, or you’d like to just give her 70’s bush a trim. you will require the three “p’s”: patience, preparation and pampering. If this is done correctly, you will not only get her vag to look exactly how you want it to, but the sex will be so much hotter because she will know that you think her vague is smokin’ hot. Follow these simple steps:

Pre game warm up: Absolutely do not try this on the first hook up. Also, do not, I repeat, DO NOT ask her if you can try shaving her, or even hint at it, until you successfully let her know that you’re totally in love with her vagina. Do this by giving your girl gracious amounts of oral sex. Remember, constantly remind her about how much you love her woman parts. Use adjectives like pretty, sexy, hot, amazing, delicious. Avoid words like grizzled or meat flaps.

Show and tell: Remember the game, “I’ll show your mine if you show me yours”? If you want to shave her bush, make sure yours is also tamed, looking freshly trimmed and cared for. Setting an example is key. After sex address your new haircut and this will make her curious in a very non threatening way. Remember to keep it casual. If you’re playing it right, she will inquire about how you prefer hers. When she does, act like it is no big deal, but add that maybe one day you should take a shower together and you can try playing barber.

Get her ready and wet: Getting her into the shower may be one of the most crucial transitions you’ll face during your journey. Make sure you’re fully prepared to go all the way at this point. Set up a nice and relaxing situation. Have a bottle of wine and two glasses. Light some candles. Undress her and pour her a glass. Have a razor carefully waiting and then here is what you do:
⁃ You should be facing her, and then go and kneel down.
⁃ Tell her to relax.
⁃ Sensually apply shaving cream.
⁃ With a new blade, shave with the grain, never against.

A handsome reward: Post shave might feel somewhat different, but if you mention how “tasty” she looks, she will be confident and allow you to take a taste right then and there. Land a few strategically placed sucks and kisses from her stomach to her new do. After, child for a bit, then grab her a towel. And, just like the barber puts talc powder on your neck after a close shave, suggest that she do the same to avoid irritation. It will show you actually give a shit.

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