Locating Women’s Hot Spots

Despite watching so much porn and thinking you know everything there is to know about the female body, the majority of men have absolutely no idea. They merely go through the motions. For example, while I’m sure the majority of you have heard all about about the infamous G-Spot and clitoris, you probably have no idea what an A-Spot or U-Spot are. Locating them would present to be even more of a challenge. But fear not my friends! Below, I’ll give you a full breakdown on each of these female hot spots and teach you how to go about finding them.

1. The G-Spot – The name ‘G-Spot’ was derived from the man who actually discovered it, Ernst Grafenberg. The German gynecologist identified this area as the sensitive spot in a woman’s vaginal wall that becomes engorged as they become more and more sexually aroused. Unlike popular belief, the best way to stimulate it is by applying a progressive, stern, firm pressure. Going too quick, too fast won’t really do much. During sex, the best way to target that spot is by selecting positions that will aim your dick towards the wall of the vagina.

2. The U-Spot – You can locate the U-Spot as the two small erectable tissues that are found right above and on both sides of a woman’s urethral opening. All you have to do to “activate it” is licking, sucking or merely touching the area. A pretty easy target to handle.

3. The Clitoris – Perhaps the most popular sensitive spot in a woman’s pussy, the clitoris consists of a small nub that can be found just above the vulva, right where the inner labia comes together. Given that it’s packed full of nerve endings, it is by far one of the most sensitive spots in a woman’s body. Methods of stimulation can include anything from light touching to curricular movements. The best way to know exactly what to do is by simply asking your partner. Every woman is different.

4. The A-Spot – Also known as the ‘anterior fornix’ the A-Spot is a small patch of sensitive tissue that is located right above the cervix. By merely adding pressure to that ‘hot spot’, most women will start to get wet and aroused. If you continue to apply pressure, most women will have some of their most intense orgasms.

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