Hef Talks Sex & Infidelity

I love when Hugh Hefner talks. The porn king is always fascinating, slightly nutty and surprisingly vulnerable.

He recently sat down for a chat with New York Times magazine to talk about sex and marriage and girls with names than end in y.

Of his engagement to 24 year-old Playboy Playmate Crystal Harris, Hef says “This is it. This is a very, very special one. I expect to spend the rest of my life with her.” How sweet! Hef plans to tit fuck just one blonde 40 years his junior until he drops dead in a year or two or five max! What lovely sentiment!

Hef also reviews his previous marriages for the magazine, saying that his first two wives were unfaithful, and that he felt old and unwell during his later marriage to Playmate Kimberly Conrad. The journalist makes it clear that when Hef talks of his first wife’s infidelity (in comparison with his fidelity), he still seems hurt, betrayed and bewildered. Hef even admits he “overcompensated” for her infidelity when the two split.

When first single, he began dating “posses” of women, including a pair of twins named Sandy and Mandy. There was one period where he was living with seven women in the same house, and trying to make all of them stay in after 9 pm so that they wouldn’t be unfaithful.

Obviously, Hef thinks it’s okay for men to fuck around with other women, but women, of course, should be totally into being one of many for just one man. I obviously love you, Hef, but you got to get with the times.

He truly is a fascinating bastard, isn’t he? I mean, it basically seems like he started this entire blonde porn empire because he couldn’t handle that one woman fucked him over. Jesus. I wonder what his first wife thinks of all this now…

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