Wingmen Are So Last Year

Forget about getting that dumb friend of yours to become your wingman. When it comes to finding a casual sex assistant, nothing beats a wingwoman. Not only do they provide your object of interest with someone to relate to, but she will spare you from looking desperate and worrying about any sort of competition. A win-win situation all around.

For those who are lacking in the lady friend department, know that you can now hire your very own wingwoman – for a reasonable fee, of course. But in knowing that you must resort to free porn to get your fix, I decided to be kind and provide you the 101 on having a man’s latest accessory – the wingwoman.

1. Wingman vs. Wingwoman – While a wingman will serve as your dating spokesperson, he’ll pale in comparison to a wingwoman. After all, they have a certain power than no man will even have: they can befriend other woman and gain their trust. With a man, the woman will always remain skeptical and know that they’re just trying to make their buddies look good.

2. Women Can Identify With Wingwomen – Also something that no wingman will ever be capable of, a wingwoman is immediately more identifiable than her male counterpart. If your prey likes your wingwoman (her fashion sense, charisma or personality as a whole) you’ll immediately gain some points by association. After all, if she’s such a good friend of yours, there’ s probably something about you worth exploring.

3. Finding A Balance Between Hot & Cool – The best type of wingwoman you’ll ever find is one that holds a perfect balance between being attractive and cool. If she’s the type of girl who has no problems in making friends, you’ve got yourself a good candidate. Just be sure that you don’t have any sort of romantic connection to your wingwoman (and the same applies the other way around). Otherwise, it will be bound to show. If your purpose behind finding a wingwoman lies around the possibility of a threesome, know that you’re defeating the purpose entirely. You’re better off picking up an easy slut all by yourself.

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