The ability to send a free porn text message to someone has enhanced communication and sped up the hook up process. It has also made flirting much more fun for those who enjoy the game.

Technological advances have brought the gender gap and sexuality to new highs. The experience of regular phone sex is being replaced by sexual texting, or sexting as it’s known among the younger crowd. But those in their 30’s and 40’s are discovering sexting as a way to liven up their sex lives.

Sending dirty texts to your partner can be a way to spice up your love life or add variety to a stale sex life because it encourages creativity and engages the mind, our largest sex organ. By forcing our partners to limit their texts to roughly 160 characters, we’ve created an entirely new standard of quick thinking and anticipation. Imagine the buildup that can be had with a few suggestive texts and the proper words used.

Then add to that picture texts, even if just slightly provocative, and the heightened expectations along with arousal are enormous. If you’re at work and receiving dirty text messages, it’s sure to inspire a physical reaction starting first in the body before traveling to the mind.

With cell phone plans as cheap as they are, it’s not hard to imagine having an entire sexual conversation starting with foreplay and ending with ejaculation and orgasm. Throw in the fact that couples can be discreet about the messages they send and the potential for great sex is heightened. One of the more fun facts of sex texting is the fact that partners can often have multiple conversations with a myriad of partners to really enhance their own sexual pleasure. It would be quite troublesome to mix up messages sent to the wrong party though!

Opponents of text messaging include those who distrust easily and they often site catching their partners in elicit affairs. Yet it’s hard to actually catch a cheater in the act of sexting when he or she can clear their message cache with the press of a button.

Ultimately, the pleasure gained from the added erotic medium is one adults are embracing all over the world.

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