Naked Canada

We all need to move to Canada. It seems like it’s just one big, cold porn land up there. The women are hot, the tits are big, and now everyone might be able to get naked in public whenever they want.

Next Tuesday, a court north of Toronto will hear arguments from well-known defense lawyer Clayton Ruby that Canadian laws prohibiting public nudity are an infringement of constitutional rights. Ruby will argue that the Criminal Code should be updated to make such laws less broad.

Clayton Ruby: my new Canadian public sex hero. Fighting the naked fight.

Ruby is launching the challenge on Behalf of his client, Brian Coldin, the operator of a nudist resort in the cottage country a few hours north of Toronto. Coldin has been arrested several time in the past few years for naked incidents, such as using the drive through at Tim Hortons and A&W restaurants while wearing nothing but sandals.

Um, would you like a blow job with that burger?

Apparently the drive through operator was upset because Coldin reached for his fake wallet when going to pay for the items, causing his genitals to “sway.”

The sad part is that if they actually succeeds at getting Canada to change their naked laws, they’ll only be able to get naked a few months a year. I used to live in Canada, and trust me, October through May is definitely too cold to get your naked hard-on. Still, if Ruby succeeds, I’m taking a long Canadian vacation in July.

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