Let Your Fingers Do the Walking

A fun and interesting way to add new excitement to sensual caress is with a variety of gloves. Gloves can add a refreshing new twist to touching your partner like a porn star. And after all, touch is one of the most erotic ways to get your partner in the mood.

Rubber gloves, for example, though cold, sterile, and clammy can be an investigative way to explore an anal cavity that might otherwise be off limits with bare naked fingers. With their smells and feel, many people who have a specific medical fetish get mightily aroused with their lover uses rubber or latex gloves in their sexual play or even if they wear them themselves.

Furry gloves can add a great deal of sensuality to an evening of caress. Stroking arms, legs, breasts, and torso with furry gloves make an average body rubbing into an explosion of sensual delight. And fingers enveloped in silk gloves gliding over a man’s penis can make his cock rock hard instantly. The sites where gloved girls are stroking men to orgasm on the net are too many to even catalogue!

Leather gloves pack a double wallop. They are great for smacking the ass of someone who deserves a little reward for being naughty. But they can also be tempting way to tease someone’s nipples or earlobes. The leather caress is one of the best, offering sensual anticipation of what might come. They also can snap very much like rubber and latex gloves, so beyond the tactile sensation the sound of the glove will add to its allure.

Sometimes it’s not even how a glove feels caressing a body part or the sensation of it on our hand that makes it erotic as much as it might simply be the sight of someone wearing gloves. The well dressed lady with the gloves stretched to her elbow, the sexy rough-and-ready farmhand with his pitted worn cowhide gloves both are an archetype and for some the image is about the accoutrements are more important to building that image then the socialite or cowboy.

As some people get with shoes, there are certainly groups of people who coddle a fetish for certain types of gloves and don’t need anyone even wearing them to get aroused by their look and feel.

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