Sexing Your iPhone 4

We all know how complicated it can be to have phone sex. While doing so through a landline has proven itself to be more efficient – and almost nostalgic at this point in time – tackling the fine art of holding your phone, aiming the camera and using your other hand for – ahem – ‘playing’ is a lot harder than it seems. Depending on your provider of choice, you might also find yourself having bad signal, which is nothing short of a turn off when you’re in the heat of the moment and your partner’s moaning keeps getting cut off.

With that in mind, Mohammed Moe Chowhury, a self-professed “Apple enthusiat”, decided to take a break from his attempts at phone sex (and of course, hours of unlimited free porn) in order to devise a bigger and better solution – the MobileRyer. Despite sounding like yet another phone provider, MobileRyder is anything but. Steve Jobs, prepare to burst with delight: we have got ourselves the very first iPhone-based sex toy; and boy am I loving technology!

Now, I know that there have been previous attempts at combining mobile phones with sex toys, but the majority of them have only consisted of dropping your phone on your crotch (or backdoor, whatever strikes your fancy) and then “casually forgetting” that you left it on vibrate. The MobileRyder however, is full on.

How full on you ask?

If the picture doesn’t speak for itself, the company states that the product consists of a “sleek” cover that quickly and easily attaches to your iPhone 4. What’s not quite as “sleek” however, is the giant dick attached to it’s front. Let’s just say they weren’t going for discreet.
And before you attack the MobileRyder for its absolutel ridiculousness, here are a few fun facts behind its sales.

– Within two days of its release, the Mobile Ryder had been completely sold out.

– Upon restocking it, sales have continued to skyrocket, especially after a few celebrities have approved of it on Twitter.

– Despite it’s initial price of $69 – how very clever they are – the company is now offering a special Valentine’s Day offer of only 34.99 (plus free shipping). Now that’s what I call a deal!

– Also adequate for those with a penchant for anal

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