The Funniest Sexual Innuendos On The Market

While there are plenty of products that are clear-cut sex toys or related to sex in some way or another, others come across that way completely unintentionally. Each of the following products managed to bring me back into my teenage years by making me giggle my ass off. God bless these marketers with a sense of humor. Below, I’ll cover some of my favorite sexual innuendoes of all time. I dare you not to laugh.

1. In-The Pink Gloves – During a recent trip to Wal-Mart, I couldn’t help but chuckle upon stabling across these one-of-a-kind gloves. Especially when looking at that thumbs up logo. This one could possibly be used – quite literally – ‘in the pink’. if the thought of sticking your hand in a place where the sun don’t shine makes you cringe, use ‘In The Pink’ gloves instead!

2. Closet Boy – Why didn’t I think of that? If I had to come up with a brand name for hangers, it would definitely be called ‘Closet Boy’. It doesn’t help that there’s a picture of a little boy on the cover. The perfect gift for a friend who refuses to admit to his sexuality, ‘Closet Boy’ is one priceless product.

3. Nuts Off Spray – This products original intent was to assist those who had a hard time removing rusty nuts from the wall. Alternately, it can be used my enraged feminists who wants to spray your nuts off – literally. I can assure you that anyone who has come across this is the hardware store has stopped for a chuckle.

4. Smell My Nuts (Banana Bread Candle) – How delightful would it be to walk into a room and smell the sweet, sweet scent of banana bread? It would be even bette if it had some nuts in it. Almonds, pecans, you name it. To satisfy your craving minus the calories, consider the ‘Smell My Nuts’ candle, which will be sure to leave you all tingly inside. Come to think of it, this would make a great title for a porn film centered around balls.

5. Golden Nuts – How can you not burst out laughing when coming across a packet of peanuts called ‘Golden Nuts’? Is it immature, yes. Hilarious? Absolutely. Whoever was in charge of coming up with that name certainly had a good sense of humor.

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