Sex Studies: Squirting

As with the g-spot, the existence of so-called squirting is a matter of some debate. Some sex researchers and scientists claim that the phenomena is not a real ejaculation at all, while others state that when it happens it, yes, it actually resembles a male ejaculation, though naturally without sperm. Many women who have experienced a female ejaculation say that it comes as part of stimulation of the g-spot or by being penetrated by either a male partner’s penis or a dildo or vibrator, though as with all sexual activities and sexual partners, it varies from person to person. Some women can ejaculate (and we see it in free porn) while others cannot.

Another common aspect of female ejaculation is that the women report that it feels, at first, like they have to urinate and that when they relax and allow the feeling to come, rather than running to the bathroom , what comes out is actually not urine at all but a warm, somewhat salty discharge. A few sex scientists and researchers say that while the ejaculate comes from the women’s urethra and bladder it is actually not urine but is, instead, a saline solution that builds up during sexual excitement…though of course this is another aspect of female ejaculation that is contested. Sometimes the amount is small, no more than a few drops, but some women report that they cum enough to wet the bed, in fact some claim they ejaculate more than a man does! And with most women’s ability for multiple orgasms, if they do ejaculate there is really no end to the amount of liquid then can release at any one given time.

There are quite a few sex teachers and Web sites that claim that they can teach a woman how to achieve a female ejaculation, though many women claim that no matter how hard they try for them or whatever kind of toy they use, they simply cannot ejaculate, while others have ejaculated the first time they have tried and do it almost on demand. As with searching for the sometimes elusive g-spot, a female ejaculation is not something to be disappointed in not finding or achieving. The pursuit of it can alone can bring nights of pleasure for a woman masturbating of rolling around with her partner.

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