Must-See Sex Documentaries

Being something of a self-professed documentary aficionado, I jumped at the chance of writing an article about some of my favorite sex themed documentaries. While some lean more towards educational – the very nature of any given documentary – others seem to be solely focused on shocking its viewers. At least that’s what I experienced. Anyways, try to pull yourself away from porn for as second and read on for a full breakdown of my favorite sex documentaries of all time.

1. Love In The Ancient World (A&E, 1997) – If you’re fascinated by the civilizations of days gone by, you’ll love this documentary produced by A&E. Focused around the sex lives of past societies, you’ll be shocked to realize just how similar they were to our present, modern-day behavioral patterns.

2. Brain Sex: Why We Fall In Love (N/A) – For those who like their sex with a side of science, looks no further than the documentary Brain Sex which dwells into the human brain in an attempt to discover what makes us fall in love and ultimately, have sex. If you’ve ever needed factual, scientific-based advice on the art of love making and relationships, this is it.

3. Virgin School (Zig Zag productions, 2007) – A look into the life of a 26 year-old male virgin who enrolls himself into a so-called “virgin school”, which attempts to teach him all about dating and sexuality. He hopes that once he’s learned the ropes, he’ll be able to finally “break out of his shell”. A must-see.

4. Guys & Dolls (North One Televison,1995) – By far one of my favorite sex-related documentaries of all time, Guys & Dolls takes a look into the lives of men who develop real relationships with sex dolls. While it certainly has its creepy moments, you can’t help but pity them once the underlying reason to their bizarre behavior starts to seep through.

5. Sex Change Hospital (World Of Wonder, 2007) – Yet another disturbing sex documentary, this six-part story takes a look into a hospital that specializes in sex changes. While you should expect plenty of stomach turning moments, it’s actually quite interesting to see what some of these people must go through in order to finally get what they want.

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