The Science Behind Sex

After watching so much porn, you might be inclined to think that you know everything there is to know about sex. Allow me to prove you wrong. Even despite spending hours and hours on the web reading through some of the most-pointless sex articles I have ever come across, some of them still manage to make me stop and think, “no way”. Yes, sex is a mysterious thing, and scientists attempt to learn as much about it as humanly possible. With new tidbits coming in on a regular basis, I decided to lay down some of the most interesting. That way, you’ll have something else to talk about other that listing your favorite porn stars.

Sex = Happy – According to studies, women who have active sex lives are actually happier than their counterparts. But before you say “no shit Einstein”, the facts behind it are the actually curious part. Lacking libido not only affects a woman’s self-esteem but consequently her relationship. In a nuttshell, the more insecure they feel about themselves, the more prone they’ll be to failing in the dating department.

There Is No G-Spot – After men having spent so much time looking for the infamous G-Spot, science has come in and decided to put a damper on their quest. Despite many claiming that this pea-sized spot in the vagina was the most pleasurable target to reach, studies now claim that it is nothing but a big myth. Now what should we aim for?

Playing Hard To Get Is Natural – Before you start cursing her off for being such a tease, consider this: studies now show that when women holds out on sex, they are merely acting on instinct and are actually looking for a bigger and better partner. And when a man agrees to join in on the wait, they are merely proving themselves to be the alpha male through patience.

Sex Is Not All Good – Who said there are no downsides to sex? STD’s and unwanted pregnancy aside, a recent studied by the University of Nottingham showed that men who are a little too sexually active in their 20’s and 30’s are actually more prone to contracting prostate cancer. This includes masturbation.

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