Betty White’s Vintage Nude Photos

I love the Golden Girls – I admit it. I have no shame about. I grew up watching it and I now have the complete DVD box set. My favorite character was always Rose – the stupid one from Minnesota with a heart of gold, played by the fabulous Betty White.

Betty has been enjoying quite the comeback lately, with SNL and various film appearances and just general awesome Betty White antics in public places. You can imagine then, when I discovered this morning that Betty had somewhat of a past in softcore porn, I was thrilled!

Well, it’s not so much free porn actually, just some nude modeling. And she wasn’t really ever a nude model in the typical sense, she just tried her hand at it a few times. Still, the fact that I get to see Betty White young and naked in black and white is fantastic. The fact that we can all enjoy a wonderful eyeful of Betty’s young, cute, unpretentious tits is something to thank the universe for.

And she was so adorable! With lovely smooth skin and the same smile she has now. And don’t forget, although erotic pics are just run of the mill for a starlet these days, back in the 40s and 50s doing this stuff was edgy. Even back then, Betty pushed boundaries, and that’s why we love her so much now. We never get sick of being reminded that some of the coolest people on earth like taking off all their clothes and posing for some naked photos.

And I, for one, am a huge fan of vintage porn. There’s something refreshing about it. It seems like those were real girls, you know? I get sick of the odd, plastic perfection in some of the stuff out today. It is so inhuman; I like the imperfections, I like the variations, I like a bit of bush. I like that Betty’s breasts are small and droopy – it beats concrete and round as basketballs any day.

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