Unrealistic Sex Scenes In Television & Film

Much like in any given porn film, movies and TV shows often depict sex acts in ways that are completely unrealistic. While they certainly look appealing – and are more than capable of turning us on – applying them to real life would be nothing short of hilarious. Below, we’ll cover just a few of these fantasy world scenarios.

1. Taxi Sex – We all know that cabbies are not exactly the most cautious drivers in the world. In fact, we often have to double check in order to ensure they are keeping their eyes on the road. With that said, the last thing I would do is provide one with yet another distraction – backseat sex being the worst case scenario. In the real world, one would either get kicked out of the cab, or risk getting the cabbie so turned on that he would proceed to discreetly touch himself – gross.

2. Morning Sex – Yet another classic sex depiction in television and film, the scene usually involves a couple that is already in the buff and wrapped around perfectly white bedding. Almost immediately upon waking up – and looking as if they just stepped out of the salon – they proceed to make sweet, sweet love. In real life, we wake up with sheet marks, bad breath and looking far from “fresh”. While it would be nice to live in a world where we get to fuck first thing in the morning, peeing and brushing my teeth must always come first.

3. Shower Sex – In real life, when a woman showers it usually involves a couple of standard routines. Shaving, slobbering with your hair with conditioner, exfoliating etc. However, leave it up to Hollywood to turn any given shower into a full-fledged porno. It seems as though the mere act of stepping into the shower stall is an invitation to sex. And when a man joins in, shower sex almost always ensues. Though I can’t help but notice that don’t even bother to wash themselves with soap. Even when its all done and over with. So much for hygiene.

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