Disturbing Sex Films

Much like in porn, not all sex scenes are exactly a pleasure to watch. In fact, some are downright disturbing. At the risk of renting any of the following films for the purpose of getting off, read on for a list of the most stomach turning sex films of all time. You’ll be sure to thank us later.

Black Swan – You’d think that a movie centered around Natalie Portman and sexual themes would be something straight out of heaven. However, the scene where she decides to masturbate for the first time only to find her mother sleeping by her bedside was enough to make us gasp in horror – and then laugh a little bit. Way to kill the mood for future lesbian action.

Dead Ringers – If you ask me, there’s nothing sexy about gynecological tools being mixed with sex. Add in a set of scary twins – starring Jeremy Irons – and you’ve got yourself a traumatizing film that you’d much rather forget.

The Piano Teacher – If voyeurism, sexual self-mutilation and sadomasochism are your thing. I consider staying away from this disturbing film. Centered around a 40-something piano professor by the name of Erika Kohurt, her sex acts are more reminiscent of a horror film than anything else.

Kissed – If you’re into necrophilia, then Kissed is for you. The tale of a girl that is so obsessed with death that it subsequently consumes her life, she screws corpses, become a master of embalming and subsequently, enters into full-fledged relationship with a dead body. Sexy.

The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and her Lover – After the wife of a restauranteur finds herself being sick and tired of her husband, she begins to have an affair with one of the restaurant’s regulars. And while it seems like yet-another love story, the films also features things like cannibalism and a connection between food and sex that is a little too close for comfort.

Teeth – If I had to hand out an award to any of these films for being the most disturbing, this one would take the cake. A story about a girl who has teeth in her vagina, every man who attempts to rape her subsequently has his dick bit off. You’ll never look at the vagina in the same way again.

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