The Uniform Of Kink

Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder. Attractiveness is more a state of mind then a state of dress – free porn is a healthy example. One pair of tits looks more or less like another, one cock bigger or smaller; it’s all relative to what one wants and what one needs in their life. The physical is simply just that, physical; our bodies don’t speak to whom we really are inside.

But for many guys and girls, their bondage wear makes them feel sexy when their everyday regular clothes do not. Certainly for the BBW the various stockings, garter and the obligatory corset can make a woman feel all sexed-up with places to go. These clothes do cling to the body but in point of fact they look better stuck high, filled out and stretched then they ever do hanging loose off a leg that doesn’t fill out a fishnet legging or a bust that isn’t sufficiently pushed up high and bulging in the shelf of a corset. Far more revealing then everyday wear, ironically a woman might feel sexier the less she is covered-up, even if she usually keeps her parts covered-up. Men too can enhance their size by wearing codpieces, long leather dusters or gloves and hats.

A multitude of sins can be covered with the smell, feel and sound of leather or PVC. The props associated with kink go a long way to in portraying an image that might not truly be one’s real life but for the time it takes to walk through the door of a play party brandishing a flogger they can set the stage for the person holding or playing with the appropriate implement.

Clothes might very well make the man…and woman, when it comes to the kink scene. People who dress for parties, conventions or just around the house with their mate feel better in their uniform of kink. The feel of the materials against bare skin are as exciting as staring at one’s transformation in a mirror, as enticing as the idea of going out in public, even if that public are fellow kinsters. The second skin is comforting and confining as well as defining and one’s body as well as one’s mind is locked to a heightened sexuality that does not know from a big butt, slightly pendulous breasts or a smaller then average cock.

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