More Than Just A Playmate

Started in 1953, Hugh Hefner ignited a whole new side to porn when he began to publish Playboy magazines from his very own kitchen. Today, the publication still stands as one of the greatest powerhouses as not only an adult magazine, but an entire lifestyle brand. While their infamous Playmates have come and gone, some have managed to stand the test of time and remain in the public eye. Below, we’ll cover some of the most popular bunnies of all time.

Marilyn Monroe (Playmate in 1953) – Unsurprisingly enough, Marilyn Monroe is, by far, the most famous woman to have graced the pages of Playboy. Featured in their very first issue, one look at her helps us understand why she is not only the most popular Playmate, but the most iconic sex symbol of our time.

Anna Nicole Smith (Playmate in 1992) – After modeling for Guess, Smith became famous after marrying Texas oil billionaire J. Howard Marshall, who was significantly older than she was. After a controversial court battle over his inheritance, Smith became knows as yet-another reality star train wreck with huge tits. After gaining and losing weight quickly, many began to speculate that she was addicted to drugs. A truth that unfortunately revealed itself in a home-made video, and ultimately, her death.

Pamela Anderson (Playmate in 1990) – Inspired by Brigitte Bardot, animal activist and blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson quickly rose as one of the most popular Playmates of all time. After her first Playboy appearance as a brunette in 1990, Anderson decide to turn blonde, get breast implants and consequently landed a roll in the now infamous Baywatch. Pamela has been featured in over twelve Playboy covers and is known to be one of Hugh Hefner’s close friends.

Shannon Tweed (Playmate in 1981)- Perhaps most famous for being married to Kiss bassit Gene Simmons, Shannon was also featured in a series of erotic thrillers, making her more than qualified for her stint in Playboy. Not only did Tweed land the cover in 1981, but she was also named Playmate of the Year in 1982. I’m sure her womanizing husband is proud of her accomplishments.

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