Five Very Rational Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Judge Sluts

I’m tempted to make this into an article about what constitutes a slut? Is it simply a woman who likes sex a lot and has no problem having a lot of it without attaching any importance to it? (Ie: no strings). Or is it a woman who exploits sex? Who has sex for some sort of gain, whether it’s financial gain, or a self-esteem boost? I’d say only the latter is a slut*, while the former is simply a normal woman with a healthy sex drive.

*Note: I have re-appropriated the term slut to have only positive implications. For us here at Pornojackpot, ‘slut’ is not a derogatory term.

Even if we take slut in the latter sense, here’s why you should never, ever judge one…cause, you hypocritical moron, you so don’t have the right to:

1. Porn

Where would porn be without sluts?! It would not exist. Unless you want to stop watching it, dude, you so can never, ever, ever judge any slut, anywhere. EVER.

2. They Make Us Happy

Imagine this: your best friend just got dumped by the girl of his dreams. Solution? Get him drunk and fucked. So, where do you go? To a bar full of bar sluts. Because he doesn’t want to meet a chick that wants to talk about music with him, he wants to meet a chick that will fuck him like a pro and then leave before 5 am.

3. They’re Already Judged Enough…by Other Women

Um, yeah, sluts get cut-eye constantly from other women. Other women ice sluts out – you men don’t need to help the cause.

4. They’ ll Teach You a Trick or Two

Because you’re lame and not a slut yourself, so you’ve probably never even heard of some of the things she’s done. Once you get her home, it means she’s totally game to show you some of the crazy shit she knows how to do, or attempt whatever you perverted imagination can think of. Every time I’ve gone to bed with a slut I’ve had my eyes opened to a whole new crazy sex trick. How you gonna judge a woman that’s up for any type of fucking?

5. Cause Sometimes You Don’t Want to Wait

Sometimes you don’t want to go through three dates with a gal before getting it on. You want to bang now. Well, that slut doesn’t want to suffer through 3 dates with you either.

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  1. cfo Says:

    damn i love sluts

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