Sex Toy History

Given your interest in free porn and sex, I thought I’d bring some academics into play by touching upon yet another subject of interested – the sex toy. And for those who think they were developed by the brilliant minds of modern men, think again. Dating all the way back to 33,000 BC sex toys have been making the rounds since the dawn of time. It seems that even back then, people would resort to just about anything to get their fix. Read on for a brief history lesson on everyones favorite alternative to bona fied sex.

33,000 BC – Considered by many scientists to be one of the earliest forms of pornography, an ivory figurine dating back 35,000 years was discovered just outside a cave in the city of Stuttgart, Germany. The artifact consisted of a small depiction of the female body and – unsurprisingly enough – featured massive boobs and an enlarged vagina.

26,000 BC – Dating all the way back to the ice age, a prehistoric dildo was found buried in the Hohle Fels Cave in Ulm, Germany. Given its anatomically correct size, many scientists believe that it is possibly the oldest phallic sex toy in the world.

500 BC – Depicting a woman holding a dildo with her mouth open, this Greek vase was discovered over 500 years before our common era. Many believe that these dildos were used as husband replacements during the war.

350 BC – Upon the introduction of olive oil for medicinal and culinary purposes, historians believe that many couples would use it as a lubricant during intercourse. Who knew the origins of KY Jelly went that far back?

300 AD – Discovered through the infamous Kama Sutra, penis extenders were common place during the peak of the Roman Empire. As a method of helping men with erectile disfunction, they stood in for Viagra and strap-ons alike.

500 – Serving as one of the earliest forms of Kegel exercises, Geisha balls were meant for stimulating the penis and strengthening women’s pelvic floor muscles. Talk about a double whammy.

1200 – In China, the Jin and Song dynasties introduced one of the most popular forms of sex toys – the cock ring. Back then however, they were made of goat eyelids, eyelashes and all.

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