Introducing Lacey Banghard

Once in a while a babe so special comes along that I need to introduce you to her. This one’s name is Lacey Banghard. First of all, I need to tell you that Lacey Banghard is her real name. Seriously. She is half-Indian and, when her parents first moved to the UK, immigration officials apparently fucked up and changed their actual last name to ‘Banghard.’ So, under the law, Banghard it is for this girl.

Anyways, she has huge tits – size 26GG. And they are natural. And they are heavenly. And they were surely planned and sculpted for centuries by some horny angel up in heaven before they were sent down here to earth in the form of Miss Lacey Banghard so that some lucky man could tit fuck the hell out of them.

Anyways, Lacey is a pretty cool, otherwise normal 18 year-old girl who won a modeling contest for some British newspaper. She’s attending college, works part-time at a call center and was even encouraged by her mother to start modeling naked.

Of her wisely chosen last name Lacey says, “I’ve had every joke you can think of thrown at me. It doesn’t happen so much now – just the odd brave guy. I’m used to it. I don’t care. I’ve got three brothers and they love the name.” Of course they do.

Sorry, dudes, she ain’t single. She’s got some 19 year-old joe blow of a boyfriend.

Will we see her in a porn soon? Hmmm, according to Lacey – no. She says she’s on her way to a fashion college in London. My guess? Yes – we’ll see her in a porn real soon.

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