Pickup Masters From Across The Globe

Regardless of the standard fare you see in porn, not all nationalities approach the art of sex and seduction in the same way. While Latinos are known to be the most passionate lovers, the French as perceived as the most romantic, and the list goes on. Below, we’ll breakdown the flirting styles of some of the most ‘loving’ men on the planet. Perhaps they’ll be able to teach you a thing or two about how to get lucky.

The French – Aside from their charming accents, french men are not afraid to look a woman in the eye – even if it’s in the middle of the street. They’re also not concerned about saying exactly what they’re thinking. Lines like “tres belle” are merely commonplace, and french women have been conditioned to expect it. To them, being shy is not an option but instead of coming across as aggressive, they are true gentlemen throughout the whole process.

Cubans – Che Guevara once said that while a man should always be tough, he should never lose his tenderness. And when it comes to flirting, Cuban men know exactly where to target: a woman’s confidence. Cubans have the uncanny ability to make any woman believe that she is the most beautiful creature on the planet. Despite what many are inclined to think, they are not exactly sleaze bags who yell profane statements to the pretty ladies who walk by them, instead they’ll call them “preciosa” (or, precious), which immediately triggers their sense of empowerment.

Italians – After a survey conducted with over ten thousand people, Italian men were officially declared to be the most attractive in the world. The secret to their charm? Their elegance and focus on grooming. That provides them with the ultimate tool of seduction, confidence. Unlike the French and the Cubans, Italians are not as straightforward in their flirting methods. Instead, they merely stand with poise and let the women come to them. Now that’s what I call smarts.

Arabs – Perhaps the most aggressive of all nationalities, Arabic men are not afraid to let women know who’s in charge. More often than not, their conquest is a tad invasive, but many women are perfectly fine with that. Unlike the plethora of metrosexuals – who seem to be growing in numbers by the second – Arabs are true alpha males. Despite having the nerve to say things like “nice ass“, they’ll proceed to invite the woman out to dinner, making it almost impossible for them to say no.

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