Sex In Space

Not much has been said on the subject of sex in space. While movies like Barbarella and alien-themed free porn make the thought slightly tangible, there has been little to no research based on the topic of getting frisky in far away planets. Has it been done? Is it possible to have children in other planets? We remain curious.

On a recent ‘mission to Mars’ issue published on The Journal of Cosmology, Dr. Rhawn Joseph dwelled into the topic of “Sex on Mars”, where he discussed the circumstances under which an astronaut would actually consider having sex on another planet. He even touched upon the instance under which a woman would go about conceiving and giving birth in Mars – resulting in the very first “Martian”. Even if only through origin.

Given that all humans think about sex on a daily basis, Joseph explained that being stuck in a dark planet – with not a whole lot to do – would eventually spark the desire for intercourse; therefore making it a real possibility. One that should be studied and planned out.

Despite the fact that no astronaut has confessed to having sex in space thus far, many speculate that its actually happened between a married couple on board the International Space Station. As for the possibility of conception, an average expedition to Mars would take approximately two years, providing plenty of time for a woman to get inseminated and deliver her baby in outer space.

Even despite Dr. Rhawn Joseph’s interest in spacial intercourse, NASA is not exactly following suit. On a recent press conference, a NASA Langley Research Center spokesman has this to say about the subject: “Since it’s not a NASA publication, and NASA is not currently engaged in any initiatives to colonize Mars, and NASA’s not conducting any research on sex or reproduction in space or on Mars, we are unable to provide a comment on the matter.”

When questioned about NASA’s “constant commitment to honorable behavior” – aka. no sex in space – Joseph was quick to point out that ignoring the possibility of astronauts having sex is simply ignorant. To avoid it, he suggested shipping astronauts off in two separate spacecrafts; one for men, and one for women. But until that happens, we’ll be hoping that someone comes out and confesses to having the very first space orgasm.

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