Why We Moan & Other Curious Facts On Sex

For some, sex is just sex. The lewd act we see in free porn, a mere in & out movement resulting in orgasm. In all honesty, it’s really not a big deal. For scientists however, sex is a lot more than that. It’s a mysterious phenomenon, the act of procreation and pleasure intertwined. In fact, scientists are so intrigued by sex, that throughout history, they have come out with countless way to poke and probe at it in order to further understand our reasons for bumping uglies. Their findings have gone everywhere from revealing to downright peculiar. Below, we’ll highlight the later.

Neanderthals Were Horny – According to a 2010 study conducted by Liverpool University, there is a definite connection between the length of our fingers and promiscuity. I guess that ridiculous game of determining one’s penis size based on the length of their ring finger wasn’t all wrong after all. After analyzing finger lengths from several different species, they were able to conclude that Neanderthals and ancient humans were both promiscuous, horny little things.

Factory Workers Have Sex On Site – Like the idea of having sex at the office? Consider a factory job. A study conducted in 2010 determined that factory workers are a lot more prone to getting it on in the workplace. Other professions that scored high on the naughty list included plumbers and teachers. I guess those porn story lines weren’t that far off.

Starring At Boobs Is Good For The Heart – Forget about watching your trans fats and working out. A study conducted by three separate hospitals in Frankfurt, Germany determined that men who stare at big boobs for about ten minutes a day can actually extended their life span by four to five years. Something tells me this was conducted by a group of very wise men.

Why We Moan And Scream During Sex – Every wondered why both monkeys and humans tend to moan and scream during intercourse? Turns out that all that vocal expression is not just a result of an orgasm, but that it may actually lead to it in the first place. In an experiment conducted with Barbary macaques, they determined that when the female was vocal, males were able to climax 59% of the time. When they remained silent however, less than 2% of the male macaques were left smiling and satisfied.

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