American Apparel’s Porny Ads

While I usually love and approve of all things porn or porn-like, I must admit that I absolutely detest American Apparel’s faux-porn advertisements.

After teetering on the edge of bankruptcy last fall, and lots of opposition to their sexy ad campaigns, American Apparel had begun running some ‘classier’ ads for a while where models were fully closed and not so faux-porned up. They had some stupid titles like “In Bed with the Boss,” but the ads were basically entirely unsexual.

Anyways, that whole unsexual thing didn’t last long; Am Ap is now back to its regular old soft core porn bullshit. Why? Because they are pathetic and they think this this is the only way they can sell shit to the masses. Also – it is totally hip to objectify women.

So, what wonderful delights does their campaign currently feature? Oh yeah, there’s the girl with her tits out selling nail polish, a girl outside on a ladder flashing her ass in order to sell fuck-knows-what, and a girl lying on the beach with her pussy sporting a full on bush that is rather visible through her lacy see-through panties.

All the women in the campaign are super hot of course, but I just resent how fresh face, innocent and dear-in-the-headlights they all look. It’s like they’ve all been cornered in a closet by some creepy uncle and told they better stick their asses out or he’s going to tell their mom. And while that creepy uncle vibe can be okay in porn ONCE IN A WHILE, the fact that it is a constant theme in these advertisements, from a company that is attempting to sell over-priced leggings to a an actual 12 year-old, really pisses me off.

Also – you can just feel the smugness behind the campaign. Am Ap thinks this idea is so clever. But it’s really not. And their clothes are stupid. Fucking Am App.

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    Con gusto le meteria el pito

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