Sex Sells

By this point, we all know that sex sells. And nobody knows this better than good old corporate America. Aside from the scary Mr.Clean man, some corporate mascots can resemble much of what we see in free porn. Ok, perhaps they’re not as explicit – but the innuendos are enough to make us look twice, and maybe even purchase a box of raisins we know we’ll never eat. Are these companies using sexy mascots to sell their product? Yes. Do we mind? Not at all. Read on for a list of the top five hottest corporate mascots of all time.

Land O’ Lakes Butter Girl – Call her anything you want, but this hot Pocahontas lookalike is anything but a butterface. Clearly not consuming the product she endorses, Miss Land O’ Lakes is so hot, she inspired one crafty little pervert to post a YouTube video on how to transform her knees into boobs (with only scissors and glue!).

Sun-Maid Raisin Girl – When I think of raisins, I think of a wholesome old granny throwing them into just about any baked good. But knowing that grannies are not exactly a selling point – and that raisins are not the most popular of “treats” – the folks at Sun-Maid recently revamped their 90 year-old mascot, causing everyone to be all up in arms. Featuring tighter clothes and bigger boobs, I personally think she looks great. In fact, maybe I do like raisins after all.

Chicken Of The Sea Mermaid – Calling tuna “chicken of the sea” was probably one of the smartest PR moves of all time. After all, what better way to get picky eaters to eat fish than to call it “chicken”? Jessica Simpson certainly fell for it. Its second smart move was to choose a sexy mermaid as its mascot. We all know that men secretly fantasize about ‘doing it’ with a girl that is half fish – despite not quite understanding how that would work out (anatomically speaking).

The Green M&M Girl – As an attempt to make their product more – shall we say – accessible, M&M’s has given each of its colors certain personality traits. However, nothing beats the Marilyn Monroe inspired green M&M. With its tall boots, sultry voice and fluttery eyelashes, you may suddenly find yourself picking out all of the green M&M’s for yourself.

The St.Pauli Girl – If you’ve ever fantasized over a sexy German beer maid, then look no further than your six-pack of St.Pauli beer. Not only is this blonde bombshell incredibly hot, but she can hold six pints of beer at once. Be still my heart.

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