Lesson in Sex Lingo: Climacturia

Being in the business of porn writing, it is always important that I stay up on my sex definitions. Not only the colloquial, but also the clinical, because it is always handy to be able to talk about fucking, and about women’s bodies, in the most professional and scientific of manners. Agreed?

So, in the first of what could become a series – if I feel like it – we are going to learn a new word today. A sex word.

Here its its (drum roll, please): Climacturia.

Defintion: “orgasm-associated incontinence, or the experience of leaking urine at the moment of orgasm.”

Don’t lie, some of you dirty pervs are turned on, aren’t you? I mean, there is a whole genre of porn dedicated solely to climacturia, although the golden shower isn’t usually accidental, but sprinkled with mercy on the worshipper.

Anyways, considering the popularity of the golden shower, I thought it was important that we knew this term. In addition, I think the goal of many of my readers is probably to fuck a woman so well that she can’t help but have a little climacturia – is it not?

And the coolest thing is that this is a pretty new term. It only started showing up in medical literature around 2005. It’s not everyday you get to learn a new word that is actually a new word. You and I are totally ahead of the game now.

Both men and women can have climacturia. If you are one of these men, you might want to try taking a piss before you fuck, or wearing a condom – though it better be a big one.

Attempted use in a sentence: her climacturia really turns me on.

Okay, that’s it for the lesson in sex lingo for the day. I’m out.

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