Drunken Sexual Fantasies

Despite many people claiming to have done and seen it all when it comes to sex – you can thank free porn for that – we all harbor secret sexual fantasies that we hope to one day fulfill. And while some can be incredibly romantic, others are downright unusual. In hopes of getting a better glimpse into people’s sex fantasies, we braved the bars and asked a few drunkards what their wildest sexual fantasies were. While some answers were predictable, others were absolutely hilarious. Read on for the highlights.

Brandon, 26 – “My biggest fantasy is to be able to see my girlfriend have sex with myself. Since she won’t let me film us, being able to see us in the act would be the coolest thing ever.” (Editor’s Note: When asked if he would masturbate while watching, he said “absolutely”.)

Amanda, 31 – “I know it sounds cliché, but I would love nothing more than to get all dressed up and have sex in the back of a limo. I’d do it now, but a rented limo doesn’t count. I’ll have to wait until it’s my own and have a driver named Rupert to roll up his window.”

Kyle, 23 – “I’d like to get buck naked and have sex in the middle of a green field where passing cars would be able to see us without recognizing our faces. They could then honk in approval. I’ve actually done this before. It was great.”

Carole, 28 – “My fantasy is to have sex with a hot European stranger who would undress me just on the day I decided to wear the nicest possible lingerie, lose a few pounds and look my very best. Can you tell I’ve played this over in my head about a billion times?.” (Editor’s Note: Carole drank half of her wine at once after talking to us.)

Gabriel, 34 – “In the midst of a terrorist attack, I would set aside all of my fears and rip my girlfriends’ clothes off. Not only would I die happy, but everyone around me would die while thinking “what the fuck?”. I think that’s pretty cool.”

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