Sex-Crazed Canadians Put On Sexapalooza…Again

Do you ever pay attention to that crazy-kooky country just north of us called Canada? I do. You know why? Because their women are hot (they produced porn babe Pam Anderson after all!) and because they love sex.

Case in point: Ottawa, Canada’s capital city – did you know it was home to the first ever Sexapalooza four years ago? It has since been growing and thriving, and will take place once again on January 26th of this year.

The plaid-wearing lumber folk of this northern capital are crazy for the show, with the past three being completely sold out. For any of you that might want to take a naughty little trip up north, here are our top five fave activities at this erotic Canadian event:

1. BDSM Dungeon

Just what it sounds like. You jump into a no-cameras, curtained-off area and get initiated into, educated about, or assisted in your already ongoing exploration of the art of BDSM. Top, bottom, whatever, they’ll accommodate anybody.

2. Body Paint

Models getting fucking naked and being painted like unicorns, tigers, and bears, oh my. Show-goers welcome, too. You wanna be a vampire? Fine. A fairy? Fine. Just as long as you’re willing to show some skin.

3. Sex Museum

Quirky artifacts, facts, photos, discussions, objects and discussion about sex.

4. Alley of Fantasies

Whatever weird scenario turns you on, it probably exists as a massive painted panel in this alley. You can walk through some of the panels/pieces – such as the giant cloth vagina – or just get your picture taken with one.

5. Dancing Ladies

Canadian burlesque troops ( don’t forget what I said – Canadian girls are hot). Pole dancers. Strip teasers. Lots of naked flesh to titillate you and make the trip well worth it.

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