Inappropriate Ads On Daytime Television

Blame it on the scantily clad “ladies” of The Jersey Shore, or any other reality TV star for that matter; but it seems as though nowadays, censorship is a thing of the past. While some networks still insist on banning content that seems rather harmless, others seem to go under the radar without a pinch. Or perhaps they’re just turning a blind eye. Whatever the case, read on for a list of the most ‘risque’ ads that were somehow aired on TV. They may not be as explicit as free porn, but their correlation to sex is too obvious to go by unnoticed.

Tri-Phoria by Trojan – Everyone’s favorite condom brand has just recently come out with what they’d like to describe as a “personal massager”. In reality, it is essentially a vibrator. One ad depicts a group of girls a la Sex & The City taking part in a bridal shower. After the soon-to-be bride asks who gave her the Tri-Phoria, her friend turns around to reveal that her hair is practically standing straight – yes, that’s how good it is. Despite being prohibited from calling it a full-fledged vibrator, one look at the phallic object speaks for itself. How it landed on daytime television still remains to be answered.

Go Daddy – The go-to website for domains decided to cater to their market by creating a commercial specifically for the Super Bowl. In it, the narrator shows us just how ‘wild’ things can get in their marketing department. Upon opening the door titled ‘Marketing’ – clever – the ad shows a couple of executive nerds surrounded by promiscuous ladies who are all wearing tight ‘Go Daddy’ tank tops and performing stripper moves. A wholesome commercial fit for the whole family.

Victoria’s Secret – Like they say, sex sells. And what better way to do so then with a bunch of half-naked models parading around the screen while blowing slow-mo kisses to the camera? After watching their husband’s drool in front of the TV, women then flock to their local Victoria’s Secret in a desperate attempt to look exactly the same. But we all know they’re not exactly magic panties.

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