Crazy Housewives

Whether it makes compelling television can be debated but it certainly makes for high ratings as violent, foul-mouthed, over-dressed, morally and financially bankrupt housewives from almost every region of the US seem to be getting their own show! Stuffed into designer outfits to show off their fake nails and fake tits, these ladies belittle their husbands, embarrass their kids and fight verbally as well as physically episode to episode hoping to get the fifteen minutes of fame or even just infamy they are getting more than anything else.

Are these housewife shows really the progression of television? Can anyone really damn porn anymore?

Built on a new edict of girl power on television, somehow the producers of these programs find four or five women who begin with a somewhat peaceful accord that quickly deteriorates into so much cat-fighting and sexual innuendos It’s a barrage of dialogue that is beeped more than it is aired and still audiences come back week in and week out to view the mayhem. Is it a case of wanting to dress and live like this ladies or more a case of the viewer thankful they do not dress or live like this women?

And are the ladies worse than the men who stand seemingly emasculated on the side lines? Have these usually macho guys been so manipulated by their shrews they have no recourse? Or do they really still have their dicks intact and are only letting the networks have the last say while they bask in the whatever new fortunes allowed their wife and them by proxy and the fame they can now enjoy in their local neighborhoods?

Is it the responsibility of the ladies, their families of the networks who are the drivel loved by millions to stop the madness before it spreads even more then it has? Is it not enough we get pictures of a celebrity’’s bare ass – the most private of a lady’s body-do we need to see the walking living embodiment of the very worse of femininity? Or has our culture just become so used to voyeurism this is what passes for entertainment?

How long can this trend last? And if this is what we gravitate to today, what could possible come after we grow immune to overturned tables and bad die jobs? Is there something worse on the horizon?

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