Bonnet Rippers

Bonnet porn! Amish girls getting it on. Sexy non-electronic sex. No, not really, but sort of. Did you know that there’s a new genre of steamy literature that’s been selling like hotcakes recently? It’s Amish romance novels, and even Newsweek recently reported on how well they’re doing.

The queen of Amish romance is Beverly Lewis, and she has sold over 13 million books and has even made it on to The New York Times Bestseller list.

Her most recent book, The Thorn, has already sold a whopping 280,000 copies – and that’s just since September. I wouldn’t read the thing if you paid me, but it does have a totally fuckable hot blonde babe on the cover, complete with bonnet and that innocent fuck-me look.

The plot lines are all the same in these things: the heroine has to decide whether to go with the naughty bad boy or the sexy sweet guy that follows the rules. But don’t expect any tit fucking, anal sex or blow jobs, these things usually permit nothing more than a closed-mouth kiss. Once in a while they suggest sex – as a general idea – but they never detail it.

Alright, boring romance novels aside, I believe we have the next big thing in porn on our hands. You guys all know what a big fan of collecting ideas for pornos I am, and I think this is one of the best yet. How hot would it be to see a wholesome, bonnet-wearing Amish chick just get absolutely devastated by a big, wholesome Amish cock? She would of course absolutely love fucking – her eyes would be opened to the big, fun world of sexuality – and the adventures in bonnet land would be never-ending, wild and hungry – an epic quest in sexploration.

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  1. hello Says:

    hasn’t this been done? I think I saw an Adriana Sage clip where she was some kind of Amish knock-off…

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