Fuck Styles

The routine for having sex goes deeper than just the positions. It also has to do with the force and mood of the action – and doesn’t have to be scripted like free porn. Many couples fuck or make love regularly in just one of a handful of positions. Sometimes they vary their rhythm but that may have more to do with time allotted to the lovemaking then actual arousal. Both men and women agree in general that women need more foreplay before they can actually experience an orgasm. Some women believe that they can only achieve an orgasm if they have their clit rubbed and licked. Usually women can get off quickly with the heavy use of a high powered vibrator. If they don’t have a vibrator or if they are prudish they may buy a very efficient, multi head shower head. Appling the force of pulsating water to their clit is a great way to achieve a quick orgasm without having the sex toys.

If a couple is in a committed relationship, the man may offer to perform cunnilingus on his partner with high hopes of getting her to perform fellatio. But a tit-for-tat mentality will undermine even the best laid plans of getting laird.

Sex, it must be remembered, is more than the old in-and-out, get-off and hope one’s partner does to. It is heavy with tension and emotions. Both parties involved in the sex act know immediately if either of them is not into fucking. The pace of the penetration may be the same, even the sexual positions are the same, but if the emotion and passionate tension isn’t there then it may get labeled as a bad fuck. For a lot of men a bad fuck isn’t the end of the world but for many women a bad fuck carries a lot of guilt. Guilt is not a sex enhancer and can only lead to more bad sex. It might be a good idea that if a couple has bad sex that they look into the ancient Indian Philosophy of Kama Sutra. There are also classes in the art and techniques of tantric sex. A change in position, style and motivation, adding a kink or two or an ancient time-honored practice in making love can turn a negative situation into a very positive healthy sex act for all women.

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