Cheating In The Age Of Cell Phones

Used to be to keep an affair quiet all one had to do was make sure nobody was looking when one left a rented hotel room. But these days the obligatory lipstick on the collar has been replaced by forgotten text messages. Our conveniences trip us up as much as they facilitate our sex lives as we step out of our marriages or steady relationships. It simply takes more time and attention conducting a perfectly respectable affair in the modern age.

Though research shows that cheating might indeed have some genetic factor-fathers who cheat often have sons that do-it might be more a learned behavior or simply the chance that we can that makes us, do. In the doing one learns a whole bunch of tricks to keep the affair secret and just as on line gambling and porn have grown with what the Internet makes available, so to does the serial cheater, or just the husband or wife looking for a one-time fling learn the rules of what and what should not be done over the web or on a cell phone.

If it is possible, the cheater would do well to outfit themselves with a totally new cell phone, an account made out to only there name, from a credit card their spouse will never see…not so easy a task when people are married or living together. And though it does raise suspicions, having an email account that only the cheater knows the password to is also prudent, though there are plenty of keystroke programs available to suspicious wives or husbands.

While a Facebook or Myspace page increases one’s chance of making an on-line rendezvous or one can set-up an anonymous computer dating profile for legitimate dating sites or kink social networks, it is a simple fact of life that the more one puts out there, even cloaked in anonymity, the more one runs the risk of being found out.

But mostly one will trip up when they least expect it simply because their spouse or partner senses the clandestine fucking they are having. There is no way to live with someone for a long period of time, whether a decade old married couple or two gay men making a home, with each partner not sensing something out of step with the other.

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