Tips For Better Car Sex

We’ve all tried it, and we all know that car sex isn’t as easy as it sounds. This is especially true if you’re on the go! Sure, car sex is really fun and completely thrilling, but getting comfortable and getting off can take some practice and some creativity. We’ve all watched in free porn where the car sex looks so easy and pleasing, but this is not always the case in real life.

So, here are some suggestions for better car fucking:

Road head: If you’ve never fucked in the car, then you’ve had to of either given road head or gotten road head. Getting a blow job while you are in the car is a lot of fun but you always have to remember to think of safety first. You don’t want to suddenly have to swerve out of the way of something and then get your dick bitten off. When you want some road head, try doing it on a back road or a deserted highway that has no curves. Now, when you’re about to cum, pull over and stop the car because you could easily loose control. You also want to make sure the road that you’re driving on is smooth and has no dips or pot holes.

The hood of the car: Of course this is going to be most comfortable when the weather is mild; you’re going to want to avoid frost bite at all costs. You will also want to be in a deserted place so you don’t get caught by anyone. Unless that you’re into that kind of stuff, then be my guest! The hood of the car is a great place to do it doggystyle, with her leaning over the hood and you standing up behind her.

The backseat: The back seat of the car is the most popular place to have car sex. If it’s too cold outside to do it on the hood, then the back seat of the car is the perfect place because it comfortable and it’s private. In the backseat you can get in a ton of different positions; doggie style, missionary, girl on top, or even reverse cowgirl. Blow jobs and eating pussy is also easy to do in the back seat. Even better, sixty nine it in the backseat so that the both of you are getting equal pleasure.

The front seat: You should never have sex while the person is driving because that could be really dangerous. But, you can have sex in the front passenger seat. The best thing to do in the passenger seat is oral. Lean the seat back as far as it will go and have your partner straddle your face. Girl on top is also really easy in this seat,

One last time I was to reiterate that safety is first when it comes to car sex! You don’t want to get in a car accident and hurt either you or your partner, or someone else. Bottom line, don’t do anything stupid.

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