Boobs on the Moon

Another Playboy auction. Is this how they make all of their money now? Auctions. Does anyone buy the magazine in the store anymore. Waa waa waa – probably not. At least this auction has a cool name (which internet sex bloggers totally made up) – it’s the Boobs on the Moon auction.

It starts January 13th, on which date you can start bidding on a topless photo of Ms. DeDe Lind, aka Miss August 1967, that was smuggled on board Apollo 12. The bidding starts at $1000.

Would you pay $1000 for one naked photo of a girl a bunch of horny astronauts ogled in space? I wonder if anyone jacked off to her? And if so, how does cum act in space? What would that spray of spunk look like on board Apollo 12? It would probably float around until it hit someone in the eye. Imagine if they were all jacking off to this lovely little porn chick all at once? Ugh. I’m sure that could clog the instruments.

So no, but really – what are people paying for here? The first image of boobs to make it to the moon? And why is this special? It’s actually crazy that real boobs haven’t made it to the moon. All the astronauts to walk on the moon have been male. Yes, real boobs have made it to space, but not to the big pizza pie in the sky. Sadness. Maybe if men spent their money on programs and charities that encourage women to educate and improve themselves, we’d get real moon boobs. For now, I think we’re stuck with men who want to pay for astronaut-ogled playboy tits.

Upon looking at some of the other images from the same issues of Playboy, I must say that ladies were so much hotter and more natural-looking in the pages of that smut rag back then. There’s even one that features a girl with rolls of fat on her. But she’s super hot dudes, really, and I think this type of imperfection makes me jizz harder than uber perfection does. You?

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