Sex Friendly Hotels

Those looking for a weekend getaway that resembles more of a free porn film than traditional sightseeing might find themselves with a bit of a challenge. After all, if what you want is round the clock sex, arriving at a family-friendly hotel could result in angry late-night calls from guests who are not that comfortable with your vocal approach to romping. To avoid that, we have compiled a list of the top hotels that actually encourage the art of love-making.

Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton – For those with a penchant for bondage and English culture, consider a trip to Brighton, UK. While there, stay at the Hotel Pelirocco, where you can chose from a vintage 1950’s room inspired by pin-up queen Betty Page or the appropriately titled Bubble suite, which features a round bed and overhead mirror. And for those who need some – ahem – assistance, room service offers everything from champagne and rose petals to sex toys and porn. Now there’s something the Four Seasons can’t provide.

Combe House Hotel, Gittisham, Devon – If your idea of a sexy getaway consists more of a racy period novel than straight-up porn, the Combe House Hotel is for you. Located in lovely Gittisham, Devon, this Elizabethan style manor is situated in a picturesque secluded valley boasting over 3,500 acres. With stunning four-post beds and only 15 rooms, you’ll be sure to get the privacy you want with a truly romantic backdrop to boot.

West Usk Lighthouse, Newport, Gwent – If hotels seem a little too grand for your liking, consider a Bed & Breakfast instead. West Usk is located in none other than a full-fledged lighthouse by the ocean. And if that’s not enough of a setting for your love-making capabilities, this quaint B&B also offers water beds. When used accordingly – wink, wink – you’ll feel as if you’re having sex on the sea. Now that’s a treat.

Dar Mouassine, Marrakesh – If you’ve always dreamed of being a sultan surrounded by sexy belly-dancers, get thee to the Dar Mouassine Hotel. This traditionally Arabic hotel is incredibly luxurious and will make you feel as if you’re in back in old Marrakesh. A must-see.

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