Sleepy Sex

One thing that is wonderful about having a live-in lover is sleepy, half-asleep sex. It doesn’t matter whether it happens when the couple is just starting to fall asleep or if they wake up in the middle of the night or if it’s first thing in the morning, just as they start to stir – it all has kind of the same feeling to it, at least at the beginning. The biggest difference is probably that morning sex will end up making the people wake up and feel energized at the end, while the other two will help the people relax and fall into a deep, satisfied sleep.

It almost feels as though one is drunk, or at least in free porn. Everything seems to be happening in slow motion, the brain seems fuzzy, and it all feels very drifty and surreal, although still very pleasurable. It almost feels like an out of body experience, because the mind is kind of out of it from being tired and sleepy. It can also feel very romantic, because there’s such a dream-like quality to the whole thing. In fact, some people wake up the next day unsure whether they dreamt it or whether it really happened until certain physical evidence makes it clear that it wasn’t a dream. While it’s happening, it almost seems like one is watching a movie shot through one of those fuzzy lenses that are used to make actresses look younger than they really are. It really is slower and less energetic, with both parties usually remaining in a reclining position and maintaining a lot of full body contact that might not be the case at other times during the day.

One of the best elements is that sleepy sex can make two people feel very close and emotionally bonded to each other. Maybe it’s because both parties are very vulnerable at that point – they’re sleepy and not on their guard, with no walls up to protect their hearts and emotions from each other. Anytime that people have sex, their walls come down and they become at least a little vulnerable. Sex causes the body to emit hormones that create the desire to bond and get attached as it is, but sleepy sex seems to magnify the effects of that in most people.

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