Anal Aspirations

The sight of a round ass bumping against the pubic bone while balls slap against a nice wet pussy excites many. Pressure building low in a man driving cum into that same hole can heighten orgasm for both partners.

Why have anal sex? It’s fun, it’s another great form of sexual pleasure and society still considers it a taboo. However, many couples engage in this practice frequently despite antiquated laws that forbid sodomy, and the preconceived notion that anal is just for porn stars.

A number of women-and some men-start off exploring their own asses using a condom covered vibrator. The condom itself is usually pre-lubricated to help make insertion into the tight area easier but ultimately the person being ass fucked needs to explore slowly, pushing the buzzing toy in and relaxing their muscles. It takes practice but the orgasm from an anal toy is amazing, regardless of gender!

Men have the famed G-spot, the prostate that serves as a bundle of nerves in a similar manner as the female clitoris. Stimulation on either alone can produce orgasm but when combined with intercourse or other methods can make a person see stars!

The proper way to explore the anal cavity of either gender starts with small protruding objects, condoms or gloves and lubricant. Many online retailers sell a plethora of anal stimulating toys, lubes and other exotic sex aids ranging from small finger sized plugs to huge dongs and lifelike dildos. Usually a well-informed clerk can assist in making the proper purchase.

Once the ass has grown comfortable with a small toy and lube, that may be enough for some but others continue to want bigger things, working themselves up until they can fit an entire average sized cock inside their ass. Working their muscles around the thick shaft of their partner produces a much tighter fit than vaginal intercourse.

Men aren’t the only recipients of pleasure from anal sex. Women too can feel pleasure from the cock brushing against the back wall of the vagina, producing a different type of orgasmic joy. And with strap-ons, women can fuck other women or men, taking care to use plenty of lubrication since the anal cavity doesn’t self lubricate.

The risks are few but worth noting here. Enemas can help keep the anal region clean and free of unpleasantness. Make sure to rinse and clean the cavity out to avoid unwanted surprises, then find your favorite lube, toy or partner and go to town!

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