Sexual Surgeries

While it’s understandable that, especially with the way our culture is bombarding us with images of sex that is idealized and unrealistic, people would want to alter their bodies in radical ways, it is very important to understand the reality of the situation. First of all, any surgery is serious, with possibly dangerous risks. Every doctor will tell you that any kind of operation is not something that should be done lightly and that even in the best situations there can be very serious problems; problems that can not only affect the part of your body that’s being changed but also how your body performs in the future.

For instance, if a woman is considering breast augmentation surgery she must realize that might not only affect how she looks but might affect every aspect of her body and health. The woman in question will be placing artificial material in her body, as part of a very invasive operation. While breast augmentation surgery has become more effective and sophisticated there are still risks that the woman’s tits may not look as good as real tits and there are still risks of infection. Too, is the problem is nipple sensitivity as it is common for people who have had breast surgery to lose sexual sensitivity in their nipples, perhaps for all time.

The same goes for penis enlargement. What, after all, is the benefit of gaining perhaps an inch or two of length if afterwards the man’s penis doesn’t feel the same or even get erect as it once did? Is having a tiny bit of length worth losing one’s ability to function in sexually healthy way?

Besides, more and more people are being vocal about their dislike of people who have had sexual augmentation surgery, preferring their lovers to be real and honest, with all real body parts still intact, rather than being with a lover who may not be able to feel sexual pleasure. The backlash to the augmented is just as vociferous as the championing hue and cry of those men and women being altered to fit better in sweaters or maybe make an impression on their lovers.

A real person is not, nor should they ever attempt to be a porn superstar. All that great lighting and a fluffer isn’t so easy to come by in real life!

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