The Future Of Sex

While it’s all but impossible to predict the future, let alone the future of sex, many researchers and scientists feel confident enough in at least give us a bit of a hint about where fucking, fondling, sucking and overall sexuality may be heading in the next few years. While some, if not most, of what they predict may not come true even if a few of their ideas come to pass then lovers meeting up to engage each other physically in even the immediate future may be a very interesting indeed!

One of the major breakthroughs researchers and scientists envision for the future is the common availability of sex enhancement drugs and treatments. Men and women with a variety of sexual dysfunctions, of whatever cause or effect, will finally be able to have healthy and satisfying intimate lives. The way erectile dysfunctional drugs and even vaginal lubricating products became readily available in the last decade is only a taste of whatÂ’s coming.

Another prediction sex-perts have made is that as medical science becomes more and more advanced men and women will have the option to adjust or even totally change their sex lives in ways that we can only imagine. Some say that men and women will be able to adjust their libidos to increase their sex drives or decrease them if they need to focus on other matters. Others scientists claim that we may even be able to alter our sexual orientations to, for a long time or just a few hours, so the wide range of homosexual, bisexual, or heterosexual desires and the feelings that go along with them will be available for whomever wishes to experience these desires. The temporary changing of normal activities and thought patterns is the stuff of evil scientists in science fiction movies but if this eventuality comes to pass, the human sexual experience will be limitless and ever richer.

With new technologies we also might eventually be able to create totally artificial lovers either mechanically or in virtual reality so anyone can have the perfect lover on demand, or even a wide range of sexual partners created to our own erotic specifications. Of course any advance has it possible drawbacks and artificial lovers and fake body parts have had their critics since the first dildo appeared or sex dolls grew ever more lifelike. But the future is now and people are enjoying ever more masturbatory evenings indulging their sexual urges online than ever before.

While we have no real idea of what the future may bring and some, or none of these ideas may come to pass, it will be a very interesting sexual future for us all, and no doubt full of all kinds of things that may be wonderful or disturbing.

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