Vaginal Decorations

Women everywhere seem to be looking for ways to decorate their pussies. Vaginal piercings are gaining in popularity, and not just among porn stars. Women in their 40’s and 50’s are getting piercings done in record numbers. Women everywhere seem to want to beautify their vaginas. Brazilian bikini waxing is ever more popular, with waxing salons opening in droves even in a bad economy. Vaginal jewelry and adornments are easier to find and the variety to choose from are increasing. Women seem to want their pussies to be beautiful, hair free and decorated and though these adornments are born more from women’s desires and fashions, hetero men are not complaining!

Why the sudden urge to beautify and adorn cunts? Obviously modern day women are getting more comfortable with their own bodies, and that can’t be a bad thing. Is that all it is though? Many of the popular decorations available can also enhance a woman’s sexual experiences through clitoral stimulation. Pearl thongs are an excellent example – they’re beautiful to look at, constructed of lace and pearls, but when a lady walks in them the pearl string rubs against the clit and can cause many women to orgasm. Some women claim that a vertical clit hood piercing can cause them to orgasm under certain circumstances as well, for instance when walking around wearing jeans with no panties or rubbing during dry humping. Many women upon hearing this begin investigating the possibility of getting a clit hood piercing.

Online stores selling vaginal jewelry in gold and silver, and sometimes even adorned with semi-precious stones. A lot of this jewelry is made for people with no piercings, to allow them to adorn themselves without the pain and much of this jewelry is designed to provide sensation and stimulation by sitting against or on top of the clit or isolating the clitoris to make it feel more exposed and sensitive. Jewelry of this type can cause anything from heightened arousal to clitoral orgasm.

While it seems simply a matter of decoration, it could be an attempt to heighten arousal and create additional opportunities for sneaky public orgasms. It certainly seems not to be a negative fact, for either men or women, that so many more women are walking around more aroused than usual simply because of something they’re wearing.

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