Elevator Sex

Having sex in an elevator is a sensual high that sounds great in theory, but in practice is very much like trying to marry what one sees in porn into one’s regular bedroom play. Fooling around in an elevator has all the ear marks of public sex and the rush of possible detection, and certainly a couple can occupy a few seconds as they ascend or descend floors. However, trying something racy in the truncated time it takes to reach a particular floor and running the risk of being interrupted by other passengers make anything but a grope or a quickie possible. Looking to get the most out of one’’s hard cock or pussy, ass or tits, one probably won’t do so trying to fuck between floors!

Any time couples attempt sex in public they have undue pressures on them that, while making the act itself exciting because of space and time constraints and that all-too kinky idea of being caught, is really impractical. But an elevator is a confined space that, like the infamous bathroom in an airplane, can be somewhat set-up for some privacy if the lovers choose the right time of day and can get lucky no one else needs to use their trysting spot for the few minutes it takes them to unzip, take out and insert. Still, the sex is bound to be rushed and if a man or woman can be counted on to reach orgasm it might just very well be from the danger of the moment and the challenge of doing so then the actual quality of the sex they have.

A busy hotel or office building is like a populated airplane, the odds are against lovers sneaking away for some time alone that won’t eventually be interrupted. And while movies, from mainstream to porn have featured scenes of women sliding down the front of their men for full on fellatio as an elevator crawls slowly up to their hotel room, or an enterprising guy hits the elevator into stopping as he ravages a busty blonde he’s just had his first date with, realities of sex in confined public spaces become all to evident when one tries to fuck in them. Its best the horny couple gets to their room or after the board meeting they are scheduled to attend.

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