Booze And Sex

While many people have discovered that having a drink or two before sex can relax them and help them get in the mood, or often times past any post-date nervousness that may feel, the fact is that alcohol can also act against having a good and healthy sexual experience. Too much alcohol can, in fact, make many men have a difficult time achieving a satisfying erection and, similarly, having too much to drink can also prevent lots of women from being able to orgasm as well or even at all. While some men and women do not have any problems with drinking and fooling around, and for some it simply lubricates their mood, the affects of alcohol frequently seep in between a couple’s night, effecting each person over a long period time, to the point they do not know they are negatively affected until the time comes to perform. Lovers who had not had a difficult time either achieving orgasm or maintaining an erection while making love or even masturbating suddenly begin to experience problems doing either because of their drinking.

Alcohol is also problematic as that while some people enjoy being relaxed and more open after a drink many others drink far too much and find that they make decisions, sexual or otherwise, that they may not make otherwise and frequently those decisions are ones that they will come to regret. Drinking to excess is never a good idea but it is especially a poor decision when the drinking is done as a prelude to fucking or the way to lose inhibitions on a date.

Another problem with drinking and sex is that some men and women find that the more they drink, the more they become dependent on alcohol to have a satisfying intimate experience: hooked into drinking before screwing they simply can’t conceive of screwing without a drink, while sober so they drink when sex is imminent. And a sexual-alcohol connection, like any drug link to any activity, is a hard one to break free of.

Having a drink every now and then before sex, before any leisure activity-save driving-is perfectly fine and often times considered normal socializing. But calming one’s nerves, easing some sexual tension and jitters pre seduction is one thing, drinking every single time before intimacy might reflect a bigger problem and become a crutch no one should lean on.

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