While Santa is Away, Mrs. Claus Will Play

Most nights of the year, Santa stays at home. He and Mrs. Claus have settled into a dull sex routine (after all, they’ve been together for hundreds of years; i’m bored with my wife, and it has only been one year ). Oh, he’ll stuff her stocking every now and then, but for the most part their sex life is non-existent. He spends most of his time in the workshop surfing for Australian prego- porn. Hey, we all have our kinks.

But one night a year, he has to go out and deliver toys.

December 24th is the night Mrs. Claus gets to have some fun. She knows Santa is going to be gone all night.

It always starts the same way. She leaves the front door open. She has an intruder fantasy, you see. About fifteen minutes after Santa leaves, six or seven elves, all dressed in their thug threads, sneak into her house. She’s always in bed masturbating to scat-porn. Hey, we all have our kinks. Then the elves burst into her bedroom.

She acts surprised, but she knows what’s going to happen. Elf gangbang.

They tie her wrists to the headboard with some tinsel. They stuff her mouth with her granny panties. Then they start on her. One after another. Three together. They put candy canes where the sun don’t shine.

Now, we all know elves are good at making toys. But what they’re really good at is making sextoys. You can imagine what they pull out and use on Mrs. Claus. They have a new one they call “The Blitzen”. Multiple, multiple orgasms for the old lady.

Then they all tidy up and shower before Santa gets back. He’s pretty tired after his night delivering toys, so he usually just climbs into bed and falls asleep. He always wonders why Mrs. Claus has fallen asleep with a big smile on her face.

Now you know why.

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